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Herding Dogs

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008
1:24 pm - new member

i'm new to the community and looking for other belgian people out there.  they aren't really common in cny, so i'm looking for some virtual contacts, or community where i can get involved.

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Monday, November 5th, 2007
7:23 pm - Blue Heeler Mix FTW!!!!

Please, ya'll,
Go here and vote for Furbaby.
Vote for her over and over and over again. Vote early- vote often.
She's a winnner. WE KNOW IT. Let's tell THE WORLD.
And they edited her bio.
Now it's all choppy.

This is the image you are looking for:


(Her sister-dog is a beautiful Australian Shepherd, but I figured Fur's puppy picture had a better chance for winning!)

If this is post is totally out of line please delete it, no hard feelings.
I'm just a lady, whoring up her pup for points toward a prize at the best working dog school in the southeast!

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Friday, February 9th, 2007
12:06 pm - Killer sheep/were sheep horror flick - we need to see t..Black Sheep!


Above is gore filled movie trailer for Black Sheep.

The trailer just about got me on the floor ( the only thing stopping me was watching it during a work day in my guy's office).
Independent gore fest fun horror from where else...New Zealand.

I know you all are on here - will this make it to theaters there?  I'm hoping that it makes it here, or to DVD quickly atleast, because I want to get my herding clients together and have a Herding Horror Movie Night.

Weta did the effects, so they look pretty darn good in the trailer.

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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
7:20 pm - ONE LEG IN ILLINOIS!!!

Hi All!
We have one leg left, and without it, we could be screwed. This is for tomorrow.
#4 Effingham IL to Champaign IL- 1 hour 11 minutes 79 miles

PLEASE...help!!! I cannot lose these two lovely girls because of one last leg unfilled.

Transport of two Female Border Collies from Dog Pound in Hopkinsville Kentucky to Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue in Winnipeg Canada. One additional male going from Hopkisville to his forever home in Beck MN.
Sally Hull portinthestorm@mts.net
Karin karinscritters@yahoo.com

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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Urgent need for transport. PLEASE CROSSPOST!!!
Two female Border Collies, good health, coming out of a kill shelter, travelling to a Border Collie Rescue in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Both dogs good natured and lovely little girls!
Transport is leaving Hopkinsville at 10:00 am Friday, arriving Evansville APP 11:40.
portinthestorm@mts.net and karinscritters@yahoo.com

#1 Hopkinsville, KY to Evansville, IN -1 hour 36 minutes, 82 miles
Starting 10:00 am Friday
FILLED- THANK YOU! Angela Jones-

#2 Evansville, IN to Mount Vernon -1 hour 30 minutes, 93.6 miles

#3Mount Vernon, IL to Effingham IL- 1 hour 1 minute 69 miles

#4 Effingham IL to Champaign IL- 1 hour 11 minutes 79 miles

#5 Champaign IL to Bloomington IL- 51 miles, 50 minutes

#6 Bloomington IL to Ottawa IL - 1 hour 15 minutes, 77 miles

# 7 Ottawa IL to Belvidere IL- 1 hour 18 minutes, 85 miles

#8 OVERNIGHT NEEDED in Belvidere


#9 Belvidere IL to Madison WI 1 hour 25 minutes 77 miles

#10 Madison WI to Mauston WI 1 hour 22 minutes 75 miles

#11 Mauston WI to Eau Claire WI 1 hour 50 minute 107
Filled! Thank you!

#12 Eau Claire WI to St Paul MN 1 hour 38 minutes 83

#13 St. Paul MN to St. Cloud MN 1 hour 20 minutes 76

#14 St. Cloud MN to Brandon MN 1 hour 20 minutes 83
Tentatively Filled

#15 Brandon MN to Fargo ND
Tentatively Filled

#16 Fargo ND to Grand Forks ND

#17 Filled by Hull's Haven BC Rescue

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Saturday, January 27th, 2007
8:15 pm - Aussie Rescue?

Does anyone know of an Aussie rescue that can help this little girl in ALabama?


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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
9:42 am - Golem Kennels AHBA trial results-brag

End results:
Out of my 22 runs this weekend, there were 21 qualifying scores.

Resulting titles earned this weekend:

Ariel:JHD ( rough collie)
Kate:JHD (smooth collie)
Rio: JHD (9mo. GSD)
Whiskey:HCT (6mo Sheltie)
Brick: HRDIIIs, RLFIIIs, HTADIs, 1/2 HTADIIIs (2 5ths and a 4th atleast) (almost 3yr Sheltie)
Joy:HRDIs, RLFIs, 1/2 HRDIIs (a 4th and a 2nd?) (3yr smooth Collie)
Wiggy: RLFIs(1st and 3rd places), 1/2 HRDIs(5th?) (5yr rough collie)

So every single dog finished atleast one title (Brick finished 3), Brick, Joy and Wiggy all placed on most of their Q runs.

The collies and shelties did very well indeed! And I somehow survived, 8 runs per day Sat and Sun, 6 runs on Monday.

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
11:34 pm - One overnighter to be filled for transport

To: Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue, Winnipeg MB

Saturday, Jan. 13th
Leg 1: Strongsville to Maumee, Ohio Route 80/90 Ohio
Turnpike 1hour 45 minutes Filled by KarenN (Thank You)

Leg 2: Maumee, Ohio to Chicago, Ill. Route 90 4 hours
30 minutes
Filled by Dede Purcell (Thank you)

Over night Hold in Plainfield, Ill (she will
pick up dogs from transport and take back to Rt. 90 on
Sunday morning)

Sunday, Jan. 14th
Leg 3: Chicago, Ill to Belvidere, Ill. Route 90/39 1
hour 15 min.Filled by Cheryl (Thank You)

Leg 4: Belvidere, Ill. to Madison, Wi. Route 90/39 1
hour 15 min.
Filled by Andrew Hoffman (Thank You)

Leg 5: Madison, Wi. to Eau Claire, Wi. Rt. 90/94 2
hours 45 min.
Filled by Susan Spaeth (Thank You)

Leg 6: Eau Claire, Wi. to Mpls., Minn. Rt. 90/94 1
hour 40 min.
Filled by Donna Jenson (thank you) dpj2@comcast.net

Leg 7: Mpls., Minn. to Brandon, Minn. Rt. 94 3 hours
Filled by Lisa (Thank You) RIOSFOLKS@aol.com

Leg 8: Brandon, Minn. to Fargo, ND. Rt. 94 1 hour
Jennifer Brand babyj143@hotmail.com, 952-210-0404

Leg 9: Fargo, ND. to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada Rt. 29
4 hours Sally Hull

-Sally Hull
Hull's Haven BC Rescue

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

I am currently trying to transport 3, possibly 4
Border Collies from high kill shelters in Ohio to
Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue in Winnipeg, MB Canada.
We have most of the trip done and only two
legs left for Sunday January 14th. Is there any way
that you could help, we need to get the dogs their
this weekend. The Border Collies are up to date on all
of theire shots. Here are the legs we have left.
They have to leave this weekend.
Leg 6: Eau Claire, Wi. to Mpls., Minn. Rt. 90/94 1
hour 40 min.
Open Needs to Be Filled
Leg 8: Brandon, Minn. to Fargo, ND. Rt. 94 1 hour
Open Needs to be Filled

Please send email to the following, and in the subject line put "TRANSPORT TO CANADA":
Doctor Victoria Summers,

Sally Hull

Karin Coyne
Transport Assistant:

Thank you so much
Sally Hull

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Sunday, January 7th, 2007
9:09 am - Transport help needed for next weekend. URGENT

PLEASE HELP!!! Cross post as well please!

This is for 4 Border Collies.
Three females, one male. All good natured, all with shots.
Please contact Karin and Doctor Summers at:

There will be modifications and adding of time table
Transport from Strongsville, Ohio to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
All dogs will meet Saturday morning at Karin's in Strongsville

Saturday, Jan. 13th
Leg 1: Strongsville to Maumee, Ohio Route 80/90 Ohio Turnpike 1hour 45 minutes Open Needs to be Filled

Leg 2: Maumee, Ohio to Chicago, Ill. Route 90 4 hours 30 minutes
Filled by Dede Purcell (Thank you)

Over night Hold by Brandy in Plainfield, Ill (she will pick up dogs from transport and take back to Rt. 90 on Sunday morning)
Filled by Brandy (Thank you)

Sunday, Jan. 14th
Leg 3: Chicago, Ill to Madison, Wi. Route 90/39 2 hours 30 minutes
Open Needs to be Filled
(Leg 3 can be split in half this way: Chicago, Ill to Belvidere, Ill. 1 hour 15 min.Filled by Cheryl (Thank You)
Belvidere, Ill. to Madison, Wi. 1 hour 15 min. Open Needs to Be Filled

Leg 4: Madison, Wi. to Eau Claire, Wi. Rt. 90/94 2 hours 45 min.
Filled by Susan Spaeth (Thank You)

Leg 5: Eau Claire, Wi. to Mpls., Minn. Rt. 90/94 1 hour 40 min.
Open Needs to Be Filled

Leg 6: Mpls., Minn. to Brandon, Minn. Rt. 94 3 hours
Filled by Lisa (Thank You)

Leg 7: Brandon, Minn. to Fargo, ND. Rt. 94 1 hour
Open Needs to be Filled

Leg 8: Fargo, ND. to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada Rt. 29 4 hours
Filled by Hull's Haven BC Rescue

Thank you!!!

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
9:26 am

The Rescue that never Never Happened.

I invite you to join chattypet.com , after you have read the story.
They do great things for rescues.

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Monday, October 9th, 2006
7:26 pm - Heading and Heeling...this is not how I wanted to get Pow to heel....

Pow's stroke in July seems to have turned on a heeling tendency. I noticed in the photos from the cattle trial that there were two of him hitting front heel, down low, and heading as well. Now I'm seeing it at home when I work him and he's very grippy - he's heading, but then he's also going in low and heeling in the back too.

Very strange. So now he heels, and catches a frisbee. Two good things from the stroke I guess...

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Monday, August 21st, 2006
2:06 pm - Aussie Lover

Hey all, I'm new to the community. But have been a herding dog lover for quite some time. I recently moved and had to leave my dog behind. She's was the sweetest dog ever. A cute little Australian Shepherd named Dakota. I had so much fun with her, that I have decided to get another one. I moved to the city from my farm in the country so I couldn't bring her. Now I have some what of a yard, I thought about bringing her but she has made a home with my mother on the farm and I couldn't take her away from that. So theres a chance I can get a sister to her in a few months.

If anyone knows of any aussie breeders in my area please let me know. I am looking for good quality dogs. I live in Nova Scotia Canada

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Friday, August 18th, 2006
5:58 am - Kelpie Community Promo.

Hi there. I've been a lurker here for quite some time. My dog, Snowy, recently passed away. She was half Australian Terrier which is considered to be the smallest of the herding breeds, though they were originally bred for hunting vermin. She was an incredibly intelligent animal.

So now I'm getting another dog and I've decided to get a herding dog. Next Monday heralds the new arrival of Onyx who is a Kelpie dog. I know that kelpies, which are an Australian breed, exist overseas but I'm not sure about their prevalence. From what I know they're fairly rare.

About Kelpies

Many people consider Kelpies to be the best herding breed in the world and for this reason they are often exported to other countries to work sheep and cattle. The kelpie dog was bred from the native Australian Dingo and Scottish herding stock in the early eighteen hundreds. The dog is immensely popular in Australia today and has been split into two different breeds: the Working Kelpie and the Show Kelpie. Both these breeds are relatively free from genetic faults and have a great physical constitution.

The Working Kelpie: http://www.noonbarra.com/
The working kelpie is the original kelpie. As their name suggests they are bred to work cattle and sheep (though they will herd just about anything). Thus, they are bred primarily for their herding instinct and little emphasis is placed on physical attributes. For this reason a new strain of kelpie has been bred which adheres to physical show standards.

The Show Kelpie: http://www.callicoma.com.au/
Because show kepie breeders have placed a greater focus on physical attributes than working ability the Show kelpie does not necessarily retain the strong working instinct and because of this, tends to make a better, less intense and active urban pet. However, they are still very active and intelligent dogs.

I am acquiring a black Show Kelpie from the stud linked above. In honour of this exciting occasion I've created a new community.

Join my community

If you own a Kelpie dog, you're interested in the breed or you just love working dogs please feel free to join aus_kelpies.

Mods: If this isn't allowed let me know and I'll delete it.

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Friday, August 4th, 2006
10:59 am - Brick and the ducklings

Here's my method of dogbreaking ducks....I really do like doing the guardian/sofa method with chicks and ducklings - like sheep, they are quite good for herding after, but they don't panic because they know dogs are safe and they know the wide variety of dog behaviors.

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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
6:46 am - DUCKIES!! Or, how to foster guardian instinct in Shelties...

Well we have duckies. Only 62 out of 80 made it through the mail...sigh. Figures that I'd have to take my shipment during a heat advisory all across the country. Means that I have to reorder to get the rest of my flock to get the contract filled. ARGH!!

I like raising baby animals for analyzing the dog's instinct to do what they are suppsed to do. Assume that a Sheltie is like some of the other farmcollie breeds, mostly English Shepherd, rough/smooth Collie type - both herding and guardian tendencies, which vary from line to line and dog to dog. Living a year in the suburbs didn't allow me to raise any babies, and the dogs weren't with their livestock at all, so I wasn't able to see what Brick and Jack had in the way of guardian stuff.

So, the ducklings are incredibly cute and now occupying two kiddie pools in the living room. They putter around, groom themselves, eat, drink, and nap in a pile. The dogs are all very happy about it. Jack stares at them, Pow just kinda aimlessly checks on them( so wierd, he doesn't even really alert to distress calls either now), and Brick patrols them. He'll stand in between the two kiddie pools and look at one group, then the other, back and forth. For hours. He eventually wore himself out and laid down with his back pressed up against both pools. I put Brick in with one group and told him to lie there. He was very good, not being prey drivey or anything, and doesn't have that wierd livestock cooties fear that Pow has (OMYGODTHEYTOUCHEDMEEWWWW). When one wandered up to his nose, he lifted his head and gently patted it with a paw on its head until it left him alone. He could care less if they pick stuff out of his butt fluff. Took him out before marq got home so he wouldn't smoosh them in an effort to alarm bark at the door. I haven't seen any guardian stuff out of him yet, but looks like this first batch of babies for him might do it. He's definitely not letting Jack or Pow stay focused too long on them when he is in with them.

I wish I could trust Pow with them, but he is so grippy right now, and doesn't treat his stock with the same care he did a month ago.

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Friday, July 28th, 2006
12:55 pm - When the understudy becomes the leading actor..


It is hard to remember, when one switches dogs, or gets a new dog, that this is a DIFFERENT DOG, with different skills and quirks.

Pow, my main chore dog, is ill. For the third week running, he's ataxic (he moves like a 3 mo old puppy basically) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ataxia . And low drive - herding is either so mentally taxing to him due to the lack of coordination, or something got msssed up with his brain in the herding department along with the motor skills. He has a neuro apointment on Monday.

His 2 yr old son, Brick, has been his understudy since I picked him from the litter. He's a very different dog, but very much like his dad. And, now, as a 2 yr old, he's suddenly got more responsibility than his dad ever did at that age. Brick is a good dog, and has some skills that his dad didn't have at that age = but he's also way more intense than his dad, and more impulsive - which makes him hard to work, and often frustrating.

I've been so frustrated with him, but then yesterday realized that Pow had been trained about 3.5 hrs a day for his first 2 yrs, in multiple sports, by a relatively happy person. Brick was trained for maybe 30 min a day, maybe, by a depressed person. And I wonder why he's more impulsive, why he battles me so much? Geez. I'm an idiot.

A week of working him 1-2 hrs in herding every day has made amazing improvement, and I think that'll fix things just fine. He's going to need more control and more feedback on chore stuff, but I could shed off the lambs from the adults and push the adults out to graze, feed the lambs, bring them out to graze, and leave them in the unfenced graze area while I stepped inside for a moment....and they were still in the graze and he was still at his post when I got back.

I think we'll be fine. And I'm sooo glad that I have Brick, because while Dean can do some stuff, and Kestrel can do some stuff, they aren't as good as he is, even in his most uncontrollable state. Kinda scary that my three other dogs equal my one main dog. I'm pretty sure that as long as it isn't something progressive, I can get Pow working again and work on whatever self confidence issues he might have with the atazia problem - but I'm going to have to depend on Brick for tough work and new situations I think.

xposted to herdingdogs and workingdogs

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
11:04 am - Newest Corgi pin creations

I've wanted Sheep pins since I'm a handspinner and had put it on the backburner for a while until one day I got an obsessive "I want a pin of Traum with a sheep!" so drew it out, got it done and decided I MUST make more.

So far I only have 2 brindle Cardis, and a red Pem done and finished but I have more colors in the works, and even plans for other breeds (Like GSDs and Shelties) too.

2 Corgi pins with cute sheepCollapse )

I have an art show later this month and plan on also making designs like this with 2 sheep for the sheep fans out there. Around this area there are a few sheep farmers, and a handful of fellow handspinners!

I'm also working on drawing out a cow for designs like these... I was surprised when I drew this out all in one seating on the first try as I'd NEVER tried to draw sheep before in my life. Cows are showing to be harder to make in the simple whimsical shapes and still be obvious what they are! I think Corgwn, and ACDs with cows would be cute too :)

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
10:58 am - More puppy pics!

Can't resist showing off my girl. She's now right about seven months, and 33.5 lbs on the vet's scale. Breed guesses are always welcome. :)

+2Collapse )

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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
5:07 pm - Breed ID?

Hi there! I just joined (maybe re-joined) this community. Looks a bit slow but I hope somebody's popping in from time to time.

About ten days ago I adopted a gorgeous, sweet red-and-white ticked puppy from a rescue organization. She was being billed as an Aussie mix and the rescue thought the "mix" might be Heeler -- I guess because of the ticking. She's 6 months, fairly light boned, 31 lbs. Her coat is medium length and slightly wavy. Her ears are solid red, and the rest of her is mostly white with red spots. There's black mixed in with the red, and black spots around her muzzle, so I presume the red is actually sable. She has one blue and one brown eye. Her ears are semi-prick.

I'm starting to wonder if she might be all or part Border collie. She herds with abandon -- more of a head-up, saucy style when she's after our cats, but I've once or twice seen her stalk bugs in the yard with a classic BC crouch. :)

I'll try to get a better photo of her, and to witness her in unfettered herding action. In the meantime though, anybody want to take a stab at her mix, and/or point me at a resource for somebody who might be able to weigh in?

Thanks! Here's a cute photo of her freckled face. :)

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